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Seeding and Sodding

Benefits of Overseeding Your Lawn:

First of all, for those who donít know what overseeding is, here is your answer. Overseeding put simply is the spreading of new seed over an existing lawn, usually with a spreader.

 New seed should be lightly watered 2-3 times a day.  A light misting is best, so there isn't runoff that will wash the new seed away.

Why should I reseed my existing lawn when I am doing fertilizing and weed control treatments? Many times certain areas of your lawn, due to insect, disease, drought, deep shade, poor soil conditions, compaction, moles, construction, etc. will cause areas to struggle or die off. Fertilizing alone, especially in poor soil conditions usually takes too much time for the desired results. The other reason which many people donít know about is that the sod that is laid for a new home is grown at a sod farm. The sod farm does not always buy the most expensive quality seed to produce their turf. Many times it is a cultivar that is fast growing, and isnít as drought resistant, insect resistant, and disease resistant as some of the newer, pricier cultivars. Urbandale Lawn Solutions uses only the highest grade of seed, whether it is for sunny or shady areas. The germination rate is always the highest possible percentage, around 90%.

If you are not satisfied with the current condition of your lawn even after lawn treatments, then it might be time to take a look at the possibility of overseeding your lawn.

One of the best ways to reestablish an existing lawn is to aerate in the early fall, then overseed. The seed then goes into the holes where they can start to grow. As the lawn is being watered to keep the seed moist, the aerating plugs begin to break down and filter back into the turf. This benefits the seed as it gives more seed to soil contact. Generally, after watering the new seed everyday for two to three weeks, you will have a new lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood.

Call Urbandale Lawn Solutions, Inc. today to schedule your fall aerating and overseeding.


Urbandale Lawn Solutions can sod entire lawns from the grading stage on new construction houses, or if you are thinking about tearing out an existing lawn to start over, we can help. If you are thinking about patching smaller areas of sod, we can help there too. No matter what size project you have, give us a call for a free quote.

Payment is due when services are rendered. A 2% service charge per month with $5.00 minimum added after 30 days.
For your convenience, service continues from season to season. For a change to your service, please call our office.

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